They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. - Carl W. Buechner
  • Getting the most out of pre-Labor Day white pants even though I don’t follow that rule.

  • My friend got married in Idaho. Gorgeous.

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  • The iPhone of Champions

    Over 4th of July weekend, my phone was unceremoniously knocked out of my hand, off the dock and into the lake. My friend called it as it sank, hearing a few rings before it went fuzzy and died. 

    The next morning, we could see the phone just 5-6ft below the dock. Water was freezing so no one (including myself) cared to get it out. It sat there for the next two days. 

    On my last day before leaving, we finally decided to fish it out. I threw it in my bag and forgot about it. After work today, on a whim, I plugged the phone in…and it worked. No rice, no oven, no nothing. The screen was streaked with water and gave a weird 3D effect and, for the first hour or two, the phone kept asking to turn off or hibernate. But then it worked…completely normally. Aside from the weird screen, that is. 

    This. Changes. Everything. 

  • New York, I love you.

  • Home after a 21-day backpacking trip through Europe…

    …and the first thing I do is go eat at the french restaurant down the street. 

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  • Pont des Arts (or “Love Lock Bridge”). Ours is the shiny blank one in the middle.

    Paris, France.

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  • Windmill. Amsterdam.

  • Bruges. Belgium.

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